Pengertian dan Contoh Penggunaan Gerund

Pembahasan kata kerja (verbs) memang sangat kompleks ya. Dimulai dari pengelompokkan beberapa jenis kata kerja. Berdasarkan perubahan dalam tenses dikenal dengan regular verbsdanirregular verbs,kemudian berdasarkan fungsinya, ada kata kerja causatives, subjunctives.Berdasarkan pelengkap yang mengikuti, ada beberapa kata kerja yang harus diikuti bentuk infinitivedan ada yang harus diikuti dalam bentuk verb –ing.Lalu muncul istilah gerund,apa ya sebenarnya gerund itu?

pengertian dan contoh penggunaan gerund

Gerund adalah bentuk kata kerja verb –ing. Kata kerja yang bersifat sebagai kata benda (nouns), biasanya digunakan sebagai Subjek kalimat, pelengkap kata kerja, pelengkap setelah kata ganti benda kepemilikan (possessive pronouns).

Jadi jangan bingung dengan penggunaan verb –ing dalam tenses Continous Tense ya. Walaupun sama-sama menggunakan verb –ing, tetapi bukan dinamakan gerund.

Perhatikan tabel di bawah ini:

Bare verbinfinitiveVerb -ing
doto dodoing
beto bebeing
cometo comecoming

Terus gerund digunakan untuk apa? Kapan verb –ing tersebut dinamakan gerund? Berikut ini beberapa contoh penggunaan gerund:

1. Sebagai Subjek Kalimat

Swimming is my hobby.

Reading and traveling is what I need now.

Watching TV together or alone is okay for me.

pengertian dan kegunaan gerund

2. Sebelum Possesive Pronouns

– We are waiting his coming to his room now.

– She has heard her breaking rule in school.

– I didn’t mean to remember your going out from this place.

pengertian dan kegunaan gerund

3. Sebagai pelengkap kata kerja

Kata kerja di bawah ini harus diikuti dengan verb –ing sebagai pelengkap dalam kalimat. (cek: Contoh kalimat dengan kata kerja berpelengkap verb –ing).

pengertian dan kegunaan gerund

Verb 1Verb 2/ Verb 3sentences
AdmitadmittedShe admits revealing your faults
AppreciateAppreciatedTheo has appreciated inviting many guests in his party
AvoidAvoidedMia is avoiding walking to the left
FinishFinishedWe won’t finish debating within hour with his
KeepKeptKeep breathing slowly!
RecallRecalledI recall listening his favorite poets
recommendrecommendWould you mind if we recommend placing the camp out there?
DelayDelayedThe plane delays taking off due to other plane
PracticePracticedYou must practice swinging this stick in golf game
QuitQuitWe must not quit solving those problems
RegretRegrettedMaira regrets leaving him behind for other guy
discussdiscussedDaddy has discussed going to Bali with Mommy
enjoyenjoyedThose ladies enjoy swimming in beach
riskriskedYou may risks running through that place
MentionMentionedHe mentioned bringing phone themselves in the camp yesterday.
MissMissedHana has missed meeting with her soulmate
PostponePostponedThe game was postponed giving some infomation
completecompletedHave you completed doing your homework?
considerconsideredI consider picking my daughter early.
toleratetoleratedMy boss tolerates late within 5 minutes
understandunderstoodMia didn’t understand seeing him anymore is hurtful
Approve ofApproved ofI approve of accepting his proposal
Be better ofWas/ were better ofShe was better of going to somewhere else
Insist onInsisted onYou insist on arguing me with them
Keep onKept onJust keep on holding please, I will come soon!
Think ofThought ofI never think of leaving you behind.
Do not mindDidn’t mindThey don’t mind meeting you in their house.
Forget aboutForgot aboutHe has forgotten about taking some photograph from that event
Get throughGot throughFinally Maira and he get through stepping to serious relationship
Object toObjected toWhy do you object to accepting my wish?
Think aboutThought aboutShe will think about leaving the party soon.
Look forward toLooked forward toPatiently they look forward to waiting their baby come
Can’t helpCouldn’t helpWe can’t help laughing hard about his funny attitude

pengertian dan kegunaan gerund

Begtulah bentuk verb –ing yang dinamakan dengan gerund. Semoga uraian singkat mengenai pengertian, contoh penggunaan gerund dalam kalimat mudah dipahami ya. Just keep on reading, see you!

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