Kalimat Present Continuous Tense verbal dan Nominal

Contoh-contoh kalimat yang sudah author berikan sebelumnya mengenai penjelasan mengenai kalimat present continuous tense, sebenarnya sudah ada yang berupa kalimat verbal dan nominal. Tentunya masih ingat dong kalimat simple present tense nominal dan verbal yang sudah pernah dibahas? Terus, kalau present continuous tense bagaimana bentuknya?

present continuous tense verbal

Pada intinya hampir sama dengan bentuk simple present tense. Bentuk Present Continuos Tense pada kalimat verbal dicirikan ada kata kerja dalam bentuk Verb-ingsetelah to be, sedangkan pada kalimat nominal karena kata kerja yang digunakan merupakan kata kerja bantu (auxiliary verb), maka dicirikan dengan adanya kata kerja bantu beingsetelah to bedan biasanya diikuti dengan kata sifat (Adjectives), kata benda (Nouns),dan kata keterangan (Adverbs). Mudah bukan? Baiklah kalau belum, bisa dilihat contoh di bawah ini:

Present Continuous Tense Verbal.  

Sheis movingto her new house. (Dia sedang pindah ke rumah barunya)

Theo and Miaare meetingat Broomstick now. (Theo dan Mia sedang bertemu di Broomstick sekarang)

– Iam ridingmy new motorcycle. (Aku sedang mengendarai sepeda motor baruku)

[noted: jika diperhatikan tiga kalimat di atas, dalam kalimat terdapat kata kerja bentuk Verb-ing setelah to be, daftar kata kerja yang bisa digunakan bisa dilihat di sini]

Present Continuous Tenses Nominal

– I am being mad because of her egoism. (Aku sedang marah karenakeegoisannya)

– She is being happy now due to him bring her many sweets. (Dia sedang bahagia sekarang karena dia membawakan dia banyak permen)

– This cat is being funny with its soft curls. (Kucing ini menjadi lucu dengan rambut keritingnya)

[noted: coba perhatikan setelah ‘being’ diikuti dengan kata sifat (adjective: mad, happy and funny]

Present Continuous Tense VerbalPresent Continuous Tense Nominal
I am walking alone on this streetShe is being shy now
They are asking some difficult questionsI am being happy when I hear you will come
We are arranging some party for dinner tonightWe are being fresh after taking a bath
You are avoiding meHe is being so funny
She is bargaining some food saleThey are being sad because of his death
He is calculating his profitShe is being beautiful
Mione is carrying many mangoes fruits to her boyfriend nowLena is being awesome with her paintings
Drake is cleaning his precious roomThis doll is being adorable
Are you closing tat door?He is being amused
Blaise isn’t blushing todayMaira is being angry because of his cheating
My mother isn’t cooking a lot nowThis wound is being awful
Why are you crying today?Metha is being alive again
My teacher is comparing me with the othersThey are being big
Mia and I are dancing traditional dancingIt is being bizarre
They are developing their planning in that meetingIt isn’t being brave anymore
She is dilating her mind moreHe is being classy now
Drake is healing her woundIt is being clear
They are jumping higherYou are being amazing now
We are jogging around square twiceThey are being ashamed
You are knocking my heartShe is being rude
I am looking at you nowIt is being rough
We are laughing at you today a lotYou are being here currently
The ice is melting because of hot summerHe is being there now

 Mudah ya dalam membuat kalimat Present Continuous Tenses verbal dan nominal? Bisa disimpulkan jika yang bentuk verbal ditandai dengan setelah to bediikuti oleh verb-ing,sedangkan kalimat nominal setelah kata beingbisa diikuti oleh kata benda (Nouns), kata sifat (Adjectives), kata keterangan (Adverbs).

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