Contoh kalimat past perfect tense dan artinya

Mari lanjut lagi materi berikutnya, masih tentang seputar kalimat past perfect tense ya. Setelah penjelasan panjang kali lebar sebelumnya, berikut ini akan author sajikan beberapa contoh kalimat past perfect tense baik itu nominal dan verbal.

past perfect tense

Mengingat kembali kalimat nominal dan verbal ya. Sama halnya dengan jenis tense lainnya yang terdiri atas kalimat verbal dan nominal. Yang masih bingung dengan kalimat verbal dna nominal bisa dilihat di sini ya guys. Berikut ini pola kalimatnya:

Pola kalimat Past Perfect Tense Verbal:

Kalimat positive

SubjecthadParticiple (V-3)C
They, We, I, Youhadmademe laugh last night
He, She , Ithadmademe laugh last night

Kalimat negative

SubjecthadNotParticiple (V-3)C
They, We, I, Youhavenotmademe laugh last night
He, She , Ithasnotmademe laugh last night

Kalimat interrogative

Hadthey, we, I, youmademe laugh last night
Hadhe, she , Itmademe laugh last night

Atau dengan menggunakan kata tanya 4W+1H

Whathadyoustolenfrom me?
WhenhadsheleftTo Leeds?
Whichhadyoupickedlast weekt?
Howhadhefinishedthis problem?

 Pola kalimat Past Perfect Tense Nominal:

Kalimat positive

SubjecthadbeenAdjective/ AdverbC
They, We, I, Youhadbeenhereyesterday
He, She , Ithadbeenhereyesterday

Kalimat negative

SubjecthadNotParticiple (V-3)Adjective/ AdverbC
They, We, I, Youhavenotbeenhereyesterday
He, She , Ithasnotbeenhereyesterday

Kalimat interrogative

HadSubjectBeenAdjective/ adverbC
Hadthey, we, I, youbeenhereyesterday?
Hadhe, she , ItbeenhereYesterday?

Berikut ini contoh kalimat Past Perfect Tense:

–       Jinny had left me alone last night

–       We had eaten many pizzas from him

–       Those birds had flownin migration season

–       I had waited you and her in the party last night

–       My mouth had rejectedsome medicine

–       She had decided to pick him up

–       Maira hadn’t knownabout him more

–       Luna had given up to get him back

–       He had kick his ass hard

–       They had punched on my face last night

–       Lisa hadn’t brought her cameras on her show last week

–       We hadn’t understoodwhat had she said in the meeting

–       Rose had gone to the frozen lake alone

–       I hadn’t received a letter from him

–       Theo and Blaise hadn’t foundDraco last night

–       Mione hadn’t heardinformation about him anymore

–       Rena hadn’t sent me many flowers

–       Maira hadn’t seen him any longer

–       She had hidden her bag in the corner

–       They hadn’t blown those baloons

–       Had Rena cried out loud yesterday?

–       Had they cleaned this room last night?

–       HadLunafallenon him so fast?

–       Had Ginny hated him last week?

–       Had he takena bath when I came to there?

–       HadLisa dancedalone?

–       Had you watched Muse’s concert last Friday night?

–       Had Maira killed his joy last night?

–       Had Katie promised many things?

–       Had they not allowedattending the party?

–       Jimmy had been bored alone last night

–       We had beenalive form that accident

–       It had beenancient in museum

–       I had been angry for so long last week

–       My plant had been beautifulyesterday

–       This medicine had been bitterwhen you swallowed it

–       Maira hadn’t been blueabout him more last night

–       Luna had been calm down about that problem

–       He had been chubby last week

–       They had been clever

–       Lisa hadn’t been cold with her

–       We hadn’t been crazyfrom that event

–       Rose had been here when you arrived yesterday

–       I hadn’t been warmthere

–       Theo and Blaise had been creepylast night

–       Mione had been cutewith you

–       Rena had been dangeroussince that tragic accident

–       His hair had been dampdue to that water

–       It had been darkhere

–       This river had been shallowsince many people threw rubbish there

–       Had this clothe been dry already?

–       Had this doll been delicate?

–       HadLunabeen delightful with him?

–       Had Ginny been devilishwith her?

–       Had he been dirtyall the time?

–       Hadthat room been dustyyesterday?

–       Had you been embarrassedwith him?

–       Had it been entertained?

–       Had Katie been exotic?

– Had they not been fatlast year?

Itulah uraian contoh Kalimat Past Perfect Tense. Untuk pembahasan berikutnya akan dibahas mengenai kalimat ini dalam bentuk aktif dan pasif, so stay stune here right guys!

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