contoh teks percakpan expressing possibility dan impossibility

Contoh percakapan tentang possibility dan impossibility – Percakapan memang tidak ada habisnya ya readers, karena tiap hari, kapanpun, dimanapun, kita pasti berinteraksi dengan sesama, karena tentunya kita tahu, manusia adalah mahluk sosial, jadi tidak heran dengan bercakap-cakap maka akan terciptalah suatu interaksi dengan manusia. Baiklah, di bawah ini tersaji beberapa dialog yang isinya mengenai ungkapan kemungkinan dan ketidakmungkinan (possibility and impossibility).

  1. dialog pertama

Yuna: “Why don’t they take all these things. It is so shit. We’ve waited them long time!”

Tidus: “Don’t they know it before?”

Yuna: “Of course know that.”

Tidus: “May be they forgot to bring all. It was possible to forget them all if they didn’t pay attention more.”

Yuna: “You’re right, it can be. Now, we must wait them anymore.”

  1. dialog kedua

Aeris: “Hey… why do look so gloomy today? Is there any trouble?”

Cloud: “Hemm…nothing. I am just still thingking about my thesis.”

Aeris: “What happened then?”

Cloud: “Don’t you know that my advisor and my lecture have gone to abroad, and I don’t know, when will they comeback. I confuse with it. I can do nothing!”

Aeris: “But, it must they have given some advice or may be a new advisor for a while?”

Cloud: “Nothing.”

Aeris: “That is impossible cloud! What if you don’t know or forget something? They are impossible to leave you without any solution!”

Cloud: “So, what must I do?”

Aeris: #rolling her eyes,Go on to staff and ask something!”

  1. dialog ketiga

Ashe: “Wow… so many strawberries here. I like them!”

Reno: “Do you want to eat them now?”

Ashe: “Hum hum,,,, why?”

Reno: “You must wash them first. May be, there is still fertilizer left them. It is not fine your healthy!”

Ashe: “But my hands are clean!”

Reno: “Not your hands, but these strawberries!”

Ashe: “You’re right. I’ll do. Why have they not come yet by the way?”

Reno: “Dunno. May be they are still enjoying the scenery here. Hey… how about these strawberries?”

Ashe: “Their tastes are sweet enough. Wanna try?”

Reno: “Hemm…you are right. How can be these all strawberries grow fertile here by the way?”

Ashe: “It is possible they to live here fertile. The weather is cool enough and water reservoir is much.”

Bagaimana readers? Cukup mudah ternyata ya contoh percakapan tentang possibility dan impossibility,tunggu beberapa percakapan lainnya ya :D.


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