contoh dialog expressing sadness

Contoh dialog expressing sadness – Readers yang selalu setia, kali ini author akan memberikan suatu percakapan mengenai ungkapan untuk mengungkapkan kesedihan. Baik langsung saja cus tanpa ba bi bu. Yuk disimak!

Terus, apa saja biasanya yang digunakan untuk mengungkapkan rasa simpati kesedihan, Nih daftarnya:

– I am sorry to hear that….

– I can’t help feeling this…

– I know what you feel…

– I am really sorry to hear that…

– Oh…that is too bad…

– Oh… how upsetting! Etc.

  1. 1. dialog pertama

Luna: “Jen, you could do it before. Why did you fail to manage it again? Is there any trouble then?”

Jena: “I didn’t know why, I need focus, and I’ve tried but I can’t.”

Luna: “Need some help?”

Jena: “Can you bring me some pills? I don’t feel good today.”

Luna: “Oh…I am sorry to hear that. Here is. Get well soon then,”

Jena: “Thank you Lun. Hope so!”


  1. dialog kedua

Ron: “I hate this subject Mione, why must I do this?” #frustated

Hermione: #rolling eyes. “Ron, how many times I hear you complaint and it won’t resolve the problem! Try to do first, if you find the difficulty, then may be I can help” #lazy face

Ron: “Mione, you have said that but you don’t want to help me although just a little!”

Hermione: “I let you do it first Ron, it will lead you to know more and more you know. And the most important thing is you have used your brain, see it Ron?”

Ron: #rolling his eyes. “Thanks Mione!” #sarcastic.

Hermione: “You’re welcome Ronnie hahahaha!”

Ron: “Don’t call me that, ewwwww ,” #disgusting look.

Hermione: “Hahahahaa, Eh don’t you know that Harry is sick today, he had fallen from his broom yesterday?”

Ron: “Nope, really? Oh… that is too bad,”

Hermione: “Yea.. let’s see him Ron!”

Demikianlah beberapa percakapan mengenai pengungkapan rasa simpati dan sedih, itulah contoh dialog expressing sadness. Tunggu contoh dialog-dialog lainnya!


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