Soal-soal past perfect tense

Soal-soal past perfect tense –Nah untuk penjelasan selanjutnya merupakan masih dalam bentuk perfect tense, tapi kali ini untuk waktu lampau atau past tense. Readers mestinya sudah membaca atau mungkin mempelajari sebelumnya bukan mengenai bentuk past tense khususnya past perfect tense?

Baiklah untuk me-review kembali, perhatikan penjelasan berikut ini.

Adapun ciri-ciri waktu yang biasa digunakan untuk bentuk past perfect tense adalah sebagai berikut:

When she arrived….

– When they reached…

– When I came …

– by the time we arrived ….

Nah jadi jika kalian ingin membuat kalimat past perfect tense, maka perlu memperhatikan keterangan waktunya ya. Pola dalam kalimatnya:

Subject+ had + participle


Fill the right answers in the black space below!

  1. When I arrived the train _____.
  2. has left
  3. left
  4. leave
  5. had left
  6. When we reached the field, the game ____.
  7. has been started
  8. has started
  9. had started
  10. started
  11. I had ______ this medicine when you came last night.
  12. take
  13. took
  14. taken
  15. taking
  16. Had you ever_____ your Dad good news last night?
  17. gave
  18. gives
  19. given
  20. give
  21. When she come home yesterday, my wife ______________.
  22. have gone
  23. gone
  24. had gone
  25. went

Change these words inside the brackets into corrected words!

  1. After he had (play) tennis he went home.
  2. Before the fire-engines arrived, the fire had (destroy) the building.
  3. Almost everybody had (leave) for home by the time they arrived.
  4. When she arrived they had (finish) eating.
  5. I had (want) to take them when you gave me that information.
  6. As soon as the sun (set) we returned to our hotel.
  7. I had (drink) a bottle of wishki before they came.
  8. Rena had already (call) the doctor when I got there.
  9. My sister had (be) in Tegal before, and so the experience of seeing the city was not strange to her.
  10. They had never (see) Borobudur temple before they visited Magelang two years ago.

Sekilas hampir mirip dengan present perfect tense bukan? itulah Soal-soal past perfect tense, mudah dan sangat mudah sekali untuk dipahami saya rasa. Terus belajarnya ya!


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