Soal present continuous tense pilihan ganda

Soal present continuous tense pilihan ganda –Sudahkah pada belajar mengenai jenis tense ini, present continuous tense? Kalau sudah, yuk saatnya mengeksplor kemampuan kalian dalam latihan soal di bawah ini. Cek apakah kalian sudah paham atau belum. Jika belum, kalian perlu belajar lebih mendalam lagi key readers?


Fill the right answers in the black space below!

  1. Now Retna _____ a picture.
  2. draws
  3. is drawing
  4. was drawing
  5. drawing
  6. She sees him as he ____.
  7. is fallen
  8. is falling
  9. falling
  10. falls
  11. I like to see my dad ______ his moustache.
  12. is cut
  13. is cutting
  14. was cutting
  15. cutting
  16. I am reading many papers while my sister _____ her dolls now.
  17. plays
  18. is played
  19. is playing
  20. play
  21. Are they _________ their blankets now?
  22. look for
  23. looking for
  24. looked for
  25. being look
  26. Someone _________ over me, do you see it?
  27. watches
  28. is watching
  29. was watching
  30. watching
  31. He _________ her friends when I put my report on his desk.
  32. calls
  33. is called
  34. is calling
  35. was calling
  36. The teacher _________ us an Physics project, when the rain falls today.
  37. gives
  38. giving
  39. is giving
  40. gave
  41. We _________ English when you come today.
  42. learn
  43. learned
  44. learning
  45. is learning
  46. Is she _________ something now because I call for her but no responses.
  47. remembering
  48. is remembering
  49. remembered
  50. was remembering

Change these words inside the brackets into corrected words!

  1. Daniel’s trousers are torn as he (jump) over the chair.
  2. My mother (write) a letter when the doorbell rings.
  3. Almost everyone (leave) for home when they arrive.
  4. While we (play) chess, the light goes out.
  5. While she (type) a letter, her guest comes.

Itulah beberapa contoh soal present continuous tense pilihan ganda, selamat mencoba dan mengerjakan!


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