Pidato peringatan 17 agustus bahasa inggris

Pidato peringatan 17 agustus bahasa inggris –Emang sih peringatan hari kemerdekaan Indonesia tercinta sudah lewat, tapi tak apalah jika author ingin memberikan, berbagi ilmu mengenai cara membuat pidato kemerdekaan dalam bahasa inggris kali ini, hahahahaa. Intinya hampir sama dengan naskah pidato lainnya, mungkin hanay berbeda dalam hal isinya. Baiklah, langsung saja diliat ya readers! Jangan lupa komen atau beri saran mungkin apa yang perlu author tampilkan atau bahas dalam blog ini.

The example of Independent Day of Indonesia Celebration 17th August:


Opening of the speech:


Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.
Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, we’re gathering here and saying thanks to Allah SWT so that we can gather here to celebrate the independent day of Indonesia without any obstacles.

In this happy day, I want to give you all a little of reflection about what is the best value of Japanese colonialsm which can be adopted by us in increasing the prosperity in this beloved country, Indonesia. It is “How to actualize a target”. We’ve known that we must work hard because of our lives. But, many people get a view in differences. There are some assume that a job is punishment so that they often say and we often hear a slogan “I Hate Monday”, but there are also some assume a job is hobby, so that they loved to do in their job. Even a professor from Japan suggests us to love our jobs so that it looks like our hobby.

I like to watch a movie and now I want to tell just a little about this movie, it is “Episode Project X”. In this movie told where in a chance there was one philosophy from a japan scientist. What was the meaning of job and research for you? He had said that an idea or creativity as a child. When we are given a child, we must be proud and love. That child was taken care with love. If they do right thing, we give a reward, but if they do wrong, we must warn them. Everyday, we work hard to give the best things for family.

After many years, we will see the result of our effort. Of course we will feel happy if our child gets succeed in their career and has good attitude. It is the same with an idea or creativity before. In that movie, he said that: “love that idea just like you love your own child”.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our nation doesn’t loose with Japanese nation or the others. We must be proud to be Indonesian nation. There are many our comrade have achievement in International forum. So, it means in potential we don’t loose. It just only there is a lack, we don’t be too diligent in getting a target.

In Indonesia, we often meet some people or may be we include, they like to do their work incidentally and they don’t arrange the planning well. So, the result of it is not optimal and it is just for formality. It is happened because we don’t too love with our job or other job. Of course, it is can be decrease by loving our job gradually and do with heart.

Closing of the speech:

Ladies and gentlemen in honor,

As closing, I want to pick up small bits a message which I’ve heard from my teacher. He said, “We have two time machines. One is daily time machine, it is often met or worn in our wrists. Second is life time machine”. If we want to know the life time machine, divide your age in three. Generally our age is in range of 24 until 36. If we divide in three, it means the life time machine in range of 8 until 12. At 8 o’clock until 12 o’clock is the time we do our life activity in the first fase, in that time you work actively.

It is almost the same with our life. In age of 24 until 36 is an age where our brain still receive new knowledge easily. Generally, This age to start our career. Hope so we can use and utilize our age well for the best future.

Wassalamualaikum wr. Wb.

Demikian itulah contoh pidato peringatan 17 agustus bahasa inggris,semoga bisa selalu menginspirasi kita ya setiap tahun dalam peringatannya. Jayalah Indonesia!


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