Kata-kata mutiara terbaru bahasa inggris

Kata-kata mutiara terbaru bahasa inggris –Hemmm… karena hari ini author lagi berbaik hati, maka hari ini author akan memberikan beberapa kata-kata mutiara untuk kalian semua. Baiklah, berikut ini author sajikan untuk kalian!

  1. Don’t you ever hurt your friend, because friendship is the way from God to show that God doesn’t want you live alone.
  2. Friend are they who know what they have when they are with you, not they who realize you when they loose you.
  3. Friends are they who know what your lack is, but they always choose to stand beside you when the others leave you.
  4. Love must come from heart and because of it if it doesn’t come from heart, don’t you ever say that you love.
  5. To love is not only to be loved but also how to keep and to respect the senses called love.
  6. If there is no love, because you don’t want to hurt, don’t forget, although all you have given can be forgiven, but forgetting something is difficult.
  7. If you love him/ her, let he/she be himself/herself, so that you won’t feel disappointed when they are not what you want.
  8. Soemtimes, no care how many people area around you, you still feel alone, you just only hope he/ she that you loved is beside you.
  9. Soemtimes, although you love someone, you must let them go, because without her/ him, you’ll be happier.
  10. Love will give hurt sometimes, but this hurt will make you more mature.
  11. Love is sense of heart, it must be said with heart, not with teasing or praising.
  12. You always stronger than your hurt sense, bigger than your problems, don’t even giving up easily.
  13. Do your success planning soon today, don’t delay again, don’t waste your time, because, the time can’t wait!
  14. Don’t ever you think you can’t forget the past. Close your past, because God always open your future door.
  15. This life is not about what they think of hating you, but about what god thinks who love you.
  16. Don’t waste your time to dream impossible things when you can build and make something happen.
  17. The most hurt case when you lost someone is the reality that she/ he didin’t have strive to keep your relationship.
  18. Happiness is not when we have perfection, but when we can receive unperfection heartedly.
  19. Whatever that easily got, will be easily to be regretted. Whatever that need fighting to be got, it will be difficult to be forgotten.
  20. Don’t give up, you are braver than you believe and stronger than you think. Keep in spririt!
  21. Be carefull in choosing friend, because your time is too precious to they who never appreciate your time.
  22. If you want someone to believe with you, the first thing you must do is to make sure them that you believe them.
  23. Let it go if it must be end, because the ending is the sign that will be a brand new story.
  24. The deep hurt is the hurt which can’t be seen by eyes, and the deep sadness is the sad that can’t be said by the words.
  25. Sometimes, it is not a lie that make you hate someone, but because you are sad to receive the reality that she/ he can’ be trusted again.
  26. Loosing someone that you loved is really hurt, but it is not the end of everything. We still can be happy without him/ her.

Nah karena author telah berbaik hati membagi-bagikan kata-kata mutiara terbaru bahasa inggrisdan kata kata penyemangat di aats, maka igalau hari ini ya readers. Selalu ceria, karena itu akan bikin awet muda kayak author :P. Happy Monday!


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