Dialog bahasa inggris 2 orang tentang pekerjaan

Dialog bahasa inggris 2 orang tentang pekerjaan – Pekerjaan, pekerjaan atau job merupakan suatu hal yang sehari-hari dibicarakan oleh setiap orang. Baiklah, ini lagi cuplikan dialog mengenai pekerjaan (job)!
Dialog bahasa inggris 2 orang tentang pekerjaan
1. In front of the building
Jena is still walking alone, accidentally meet someone that she hasn’t known yet.
Matt: Hey, are you the new secretary?
Jena: Yess, I am Jena.
Matt: I’ve known the name of our new secretary before, but I haven’t met yet. So welcome to this jungle, I am Matt. Nice to meet you, hahahhaa.
Jena: Me too. I hope we can be partner so long.
Matt: Sure. Anyway, where did you work before joining here?
Jena: I was a teacher, teaching Englsih in Privat School or sometimes I taught in Senior high school near this office there.  And I saw some chances here, and I tried it, and now here I am!
Matt: Woa… that is better.
2. At Luxury café at the night
Ella: Long time not see you Tom, it was like yesterday we graduated from our beloved school.
Tommy: You were right. By the way, what is your activity now? #sipping the lemon tea
Ella: I am working at your Dad company as second secretary.
Tommy: What? Really? Why didn’t my dad tell me before? #surprised
Ella: Hahhaaa, he is very busy man. Actually, I have worked there since five days ago.
Tommy: Are still like designing something?
Ella: Yea, sure. Why?
Tommy: Yea I think you will choose a job that relate to it. As designer may be.
Ella: Hahhaaa, I like challenging Tom. You know, I am also still active in designing, teaching some students in school.
Tommy: You mean you are a teacher also?
Ella: You can say that.
Tommy: How great you are!
Mudah bukan contoh dialog bahasa inggris 2 orang tentang pekerjaan. Terus ikuti contoh-contoh dialog yang lain ya readers!


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