Contoh teks dialog expressing terima kasih

Contoh teks dialog expressing terima kasih – Terima kasih merupakan suatu ungkapan dalam hal mengapresiasi rasa suka dan senang akan sesuatu. Tidak heran jika di luar negeri beragam hari peringatan termasuk thanksgiving yang tidak lain merupakan hari terimakasih. Ungkapan rasa terimakasih penting sekali lho readersdisamping untuk menghormati seseorang ungkapan terimakasih juga bisa sebagai perekat suatu hubungan. Maka dari itu di bawah ini sudah tersaji beberapa contoh teks dialog dalam menyatakan rasa terimaksih. Simak!
Contoh teks dialog expressing terima kasih
1. dialog pertama
Luna: Mione, do you have some new articles about ants and insects?
Mione: I don’t think so. I just have this journal about an application of technology in agriculture. Do you want it?
Luna: Hemmm,,, No, thanks Mione, actually I didn’t attract with biology, can you teach me some?
Mione: Oh sure. It’s easier than Physics you know. But I love Physics the most of course!
Luna: Yea, I’ve seen it before Mione. You’re such a brilliant girl in this town. So when can we start to learn it?
Mione: How about Sunday morning?
Luna: I do. Once more thanks again my dearest!
Mione: Oh,,, don’t mention it!
2. dialog kedua
Ron: Can you pick those books above that table please Tori?
Tori: I don’t know you like to read many book.
Ron: It is not what you think. I just want to finish this bloody task soon as possible. My head is spinning around to hear Mr. Banu talk much more.
Tori: Hahahhaa,,,, same with me. I need some fresh air now. It is too long we get prison here.
Ron: Do you have any activities after this?
Tori: Not really, why?
Ron: Nothing. We can have a lunch together after this. I’ll pay for you.
Tori: Are you serious? Ohh,,, I want Ron. Thank you Ron. Let’s finish this suck task!
3. dialog ketiga
Theo: Woy mate, As I said before. You can’t choose two or more. Just one!
Blaise: Why I can’t?
Theo: Because you’ve got it more. We must wait Drake to handle this. we’ve known it before if you don’t forget. He has warned us Mate.
Blaise: Where is he now?
Theo: Still flirting with that brown haired girl may be.
Blase: What the hell with him. Call him now Theo! It is urgent now!
Theo: No need. Look out!
Drake: Hey dude, what?
Blase: Don’t look at us with that sucks eyes Drake. I need you to handle this now!
Drake: Woaa,,, clam down mate. I’ve just got some new information for you two. We are free to join the studies tomorrow. Mione has told me. She had talked more with headmaster about our busy and bored activities.
Blaise: Woa,,, I like that girl!
Drake: Woi,,, I won’t let you do that, she is mine!
Blase: Woaa,,, calm mate. Thanks anyway! I love you Drake, bwahahahhaha.
Drake: So disgusting!
Theo: She is really brilliant girl. Thanks for her Drake!
Demikian di atas merupakan contoh teks dialog expressing terima kasih,silahkan mencoba untuk beberapa dialog yang lain lagi ya readers, untuk latihan kalian lagi! Semangat!


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