Contoh kata kerja dalam bahasa inggris v1 v2 v3

Contoh kata kerja dalam bahasa inggris v1 v2 v3 – Verbsatau kata kerja dalam bahasa inggris penggunaannya hampir di semua kalimat. Dimulai dengan main verb yang merupakan kata kerja bentuk pertama, kemudian ada past form untuk kata kerja bentuk kedua dan dilanjut dengan kata kerja bentuk ketiga atau participle.
Contoh kata kerja dalam bahasa inggris v1 v2 v3

Penggunaan kata kerja dalam bahasa inggrispun bervariasi. Ini dia contoh kata kerja v2 v2 dan v3 yang popular dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.

1. Arise/ arose/ arisen (v1/ v2/ v3)
a. The sun arises from the east in the morning.
b. It arose brightly yesterday.
c. It has arisen since 7 a.m.
2. ask/ asked/ asked
a. Do not ask too much with her!
b. She asked many questions to her professor.
c. They had been asked some questions about her.
3. begin/ began/ begun
a. The meeting begins at 9 am exactly today.
b. She began her shop opening without waiting her mother last day.
c. He has begun the meeting without any troubles.
4. believe/ believed/ believed
a. I believe I can do this fast.
b. We believed in them.
c. Retna has been believed as the leader for camping.
5. cut/ cut/ cut
a. She cuts her finger when she tries to cook.
b. Amira cut many papers to make some toys.
c. My father had cut grass while mother was going somewhere.
6. clean/ cleaned/ cleaned
a. We clean all the room everyday.
b. They cleaned some classes for their duty.
c. I’ve cleaned up the kitchen before you come.
7. do/ did/ done
a. They do their job as fast as they can.
b. You did it well yesterday.
c. All things have been done perfectly for two minutes.
8. dance/ danced/ danced
a. I can’t dance anymore because of my broken leg.
b. You dancedperfectly with her last night.
c. I will have danced with him by the time he comes.
9. fly/ flew/ flown
a. You can’t fly because you don’t have any wings.
b. Those birds flew away when they wanted to look for food.
c. It had flown to the sky.
10. finish/ finished/ finished
a. I can’t finish them on time.
b. I finished this report while you were playing game.
c. They had finished it when I came yesterday.
11.go/ went/ gone
a. Do not go away without me!
b. The day you went away because of me.
c. You are going to miss me when I am gone.
12. have/ had/ had
a. She has many things and friends.
b. She hadno choice yesterday.
c. I have had much money when you ask me.
13. interrupt/ interrupted/ interrupted
a. He interrupts my statement clearly.
b. He interrupted my statement clearly in the last meeting.
c. I have been interrupted many times.
14. join/ joined/ joined
a. Would you like to join us?
b. She was joined on that tournament.
c. I’ve joined them to fulfill my task.
15. keep/ kept/ kept
a. I’ll keep it in secret, do not worry!
b. You kept it from us for long time.
c. You haven’t kept some money for our trip.
16. leave/ left/ left
a. Don’t you dare to leave her alone!
b. He left me behind the day.
c. She has left many things in her locker.
17. learn/ learned/ learned
a. I will learn from you about him.
b. She learned how to attract him last night.
c. They had learned for so long time.
18. make/ made/ made
a. I like to make him happy.
b. It was made from Almond and milk so that it was delicious.
c. They have made me laugh more.
19. miss/ missed/ missed
a. Don’t you miss me a lot?
b. She missed her shoes when she got home last night.
c. He has been missed by all.
20. say/ said/ said
a. Do not say you love me if you don’t even know me!
b. You said that you wouldn’t leave me alone here.
c. As I’ve said before, you can join them.
Contoh kata kerja dalam bahasa inggris v1 v2 v3dan penerapannya dalam kalimat di atas merupakan kata kerja yang populer dan sering digunakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.


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