Belajar percakapan bahasa inggris

Belajar percakapan bahasa inggris –Siapa yang lagi suka bercakap-cakap dengan bahasa inggris? Yuk kembangkan lagi kemampuan kalian dalam percakapan bahasa inggris berikut ini. Percakapan atau lebih populer dengan conversation merupakan cara seseorang menyampaikan sesuatu secara langsung kepada pihak kedua atau ketiga. Agar tidak terjadi salah informasi, maka keduanya diharapkan memahami apa isi yang terkandung dari setiap apa yang diucapkan.
Belajar percakapan bahasa inggris

Akan disajikan beberapa percakapan dengan berbagai tema. Perhatikan baik-baik!

1. ungkapan minta maaf
Mia    : You’re so late Drake. I thought you’d never get here and forgot about anything!
Drake : I am so sorry Mia. My car broke down on the highway. And I’ve to walk far enough.
Mia    : Oh… it is ok Drake. Let’s go there. we must show off after this!
2. Ungkapan tidak yakin
Luna : Ron, are you still planning to buy that nice silver sport car that you looked last day?
Ron  : I’m afraid that is impossible because I’ve not been able to come up with the cash, and someone else has already made a down payment on it.
Luna : Oh, may be you can buy someday with new style sport car.
Ron   : I hope so Lun!
3. menyatakan jumlah
Katty : Fred, how many people will be attending to the party on next Sunday?
Fred  : We had to cross ten names off our original list of two hundred. It was so sad they decided to cancel it.
Katty : Don’t worry Freddie, we still have 190 people right? It is plenty enough.
Fred   : I guess so.
4. ungkapan terimakasih
Harry   : Not getting that job was a big letdown for me if you knew.
Jeanny : Don’t worry Harry. Something better will come along. May be, you aren’t suit there. But believe me, there are still many good job waiting for you.
Harry   : Thanks Jeanny! You always know me!
Jeanny : Don’t mention it!
5. ungkapan penawaran
Matt   : Are you hungry now? Would you mind having lunch with me?
Katie : Of course not. A could sure go for a steak and veggie salad.
Matt   : Let’s go!
Katie : Wait me!
Nah… menarik bukan mengenai belajar percakapan bahasa inggrisdengan berbagai tema. Masih banyak percakapan lainnya. Tunggu kelanjutannya!


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