Contoh soal question tags

Contoh Soal Question Tags –Setelah Belajar mengenai question tags, maka kini saatnya mengolah kemampuan kalian mengenai penjelasan seblumnya. Are you ready fellas?
Contoh soal question tags
Berikut ini kumpulan soal mengenai question tags:
1. Mother went to market alone yesterday morning, ….?
2. I was happy when he came to my house, …?
3. They were playing play station when I came last night, …?
4. I can’t do this anymore, …?
5. You could try again if you wanted to prove it, …?
6. She will be happy if you want to come, …?
7. She eats many fruits every morning to her breakfast, …?
8. We shouldn’t play a lot if we want our task to be finished, …?
9. Rena and I wanted to go to the beach yesterday, …?
10. She had many things to be seen, …?
11. He has done his task since 7 a.m, …?
12. I want to have many friends, …?
13. They canceled their trip because of their activities, …?
14. We won’t come if they hadn’t finished their job yet, …?
15. I haven’t finished my report, …?
16. My friend and I were in friendship since we were children, …?
17. She always takes many courses everyday, …?
18. He lost much blood in his incident last week, …?
19. They chose Leda as their leader, …?
20. I should have kissed you, …?
21. You must come if you want to know her answer, …?
22. I have been waiting my professor for one hours, …?
23. She had been chosen because of her potency, …?
24. She will be loved soon, …?
25. I’d rather choose him, …?
Nah, mudah bukan beberapa Contoh Soal Question Tags,selamat mengerjakan! (lihat juga: Contoh Question Tags)


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