Contoh kalimat dengan kata sifat adjectives yang sering digunakan

Pembahasan kali ini masih membahas mengenai jenis kata sifat ya atau yang dikenal juga dengan adjectives. Tentu sudah pada tahu dong penggunaan kata sifat untuk apa dalam kalimat? Penggunaan kata sifat ini penting sekali dalam kalimat ya, biasanya untuk kalimat yang lengkap.

kalimat dengan kata sifat adjectives yang sering digunakan

Kata sifat (adjectives)digunakan untuk mendiskripsikan suatu benda baik dari bentuk, ukuran, warna, rasa, kelakuan serta terkadang perasaan juga diungkapkan dalam bentuk kata sifat ini. Cdalam bahasa inggris benda yang dapat dideskripsikan adalah semua kata benda yang telah kalian pelajari dalam pengertian kata benda (nouns), dari jenis kata benda pembahasan kata benda akan dibahas setelah ini ya, so just wait and see.

Berikut ini disajikan contoh penggunaan kata sifat adjectives dalam kalimat ya. Kali ini author menggunakan berbagai jensi tensesdalam kalimat, jadi kalian yang masih rada bingung mengenai tenses,bisa dibuka lagi pembahasan mengenai tenses.

Kata sifat (adjectives)

Kalimat (Sentences )

angryHis angryfeature makes me afraid
AshamedMy ashamed face is now red
awesomeHis dancing is truly awesome
awfulRena’s wound is now awful
bestYou are my best friend now
BigYour big body was my inspiration
bitterThis medicine tastes bitter
blueTears from her behind blue eyes are so real
briefShe gave me many brief letters yesterday
brownI have made many brown cakes for you already
calmTheir calm faces are so real
cheapThis cloth is rather cheap
cleverShe was a clever girl I ever met
coldThat cold weather is better than it
coolHe feels cool everyday
crazyThat crazy woman looks at me angrily
cuteDrake’s cute face makes me smile often
dampHis damp hair is so sexy
darkI hate dark night when I am all alone
deepIt has been deep dark lake in this down
delicateWith this delicate doll I compare you
deliciousYou main course is so delicious
DifficultI can’t finish my exam due to it is difficult
DiligentI like that diligent boy
EasyThis easy test is for them
FairIt was not fair if you put him there
FamousI came to look those famous groups in the world last night
FatShe will be fat if she can’t control her appetite
FreshI need much fresh air today
GasThis matter is gas
GentleHis gentle hand had touched my face randomly
GoodYou are so good in that suit
GorgeousWho is the gorgeous guy next you?
GrayI like to see his bright gray eyes
GreenDoes he like green color?
HandsomeI’ll never be bored to stare your handsome face everday
HappyThey have been happy to see me
HotI am ordering hot coffee for him now
KindHe is so kind heart
LastThis is my last day here so I’ll take a walk for a while
LazyMy lazy day is very important
LittleIt is just little puppie
LongHer husband like to see her long straight hair
ModernI like to build modern furniture for my project
MuchI knew I love you so much
NarrowShe has a narrow waist and I like it
NaughtyDon’t be a naughty boy here!
NearThe distance is so near from us
NiceShe has a nice attitude with them
NormalShe wanted to have a normal life yesterday
OddHer behavior is odd to me
OldFor all old people are not allowed to enter there
OrangeI like to wear orange skirt in the beach
OrdinaryI am just an ordinary people here
OutstandingTheo’s OWL value is outstanding
PatientBe patient there!
PerfectI am sorry I can’t be perfect for you
PetiteHis petite body was shivering when I touched him last night
PrettyHer pretty face is so flawless
ProudMy father is proud with my achievement
PurpleI like to plant some purple flowers in my mother’s garden
QuickSo be quick to grab those outfits!
QuietBe quiet please!
RapidThis reaction is so rapid due to add the enzyme
RedWho is that girl with the red hat?
RegularI like to shift regular schedule.
RichDo you mind being rich people in this town?
RoundThis table is round shape
RoughThis surface was rough enough to be crossed by car
SafeI feel safe beside him
ShallowI will dive in this shallow sea
ShyDon’t be shy in front of me!
SillyWe’ve felt silly when you talk to me
SmallI am small person and the world is big
SmartShe is a smart girl in my class
SolidTheir friendship is so solid
StraightMira has black straight hair
StrongBe strong for me!
StupidDon’t be stupid in this case!
SweetHe is so sweet with us
TallOwh,,, I like a tall guy
TenseHis body is tense when I hug him
ThinShe becomes a thin girl now
UnusualThis is my unusual day for starting the relationship
WarmYour warm hand is what I need now
WeakI had felt weak since you were gone
WetThis road is so wet
WhiteI just can hold white flag to me
WideThis wide field is so peaceful
YellowThe sun is just yellow brightly
YoungI want to be forever young
nervousI felt like nervous every time you were near me
peacefulI like to his peaceful face when he is sleeping
powerfulVoldemort is so powerful now
rainyShe goes there in the rainy day
skinnyI love to wear my skinny jeans
sparklingThere is sparkling eyes in front of me
tastelessMy tongue is tasteless
volatileThis matter is volatile so you must keep in a right way
weirdThat is so weird to see his sleeping on her
woodenThey have beautiful wooden house in their villas
worriedDo be worried here, I’ll come soon
AdorableHer adorable face is always makes me smile over time
AmazingYou are amazing in playing guitar
BrokenDon’t do many things to my broken heart
CarefulBe careful to be there
CleanI come clean to you
ClearBe clear to us!
SatisfyingI am satisfying with your performance today
UselessThis is useless without my laptop and modem here.

Dan masih banyak sekali daftar kata sifat adjectives yang biasa digunakan sehari-hari yang bisa kalian susun menjadi beberapa kalimat dengan berbagai tenses. jika diperhatikan baik-baik, kata sifat terletak sebelum kata benda (Nouns)ya atau setelah kata be,hal ini memang sesuai dengan dungsi kata sifat itu sendiri adalah mendeskripsikan suatu benda. Untuk penjelasan kata benda akan dijelaskan setelah postingan ini ya, so come quick stalk many interesting posts here! See you!

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