Contoh kalimat dengan kata benda dapat dihitung (count nouns)

Masih membahas kata benda ya, karena kata benda (nouns) nanti yang mendasari untuk mempelajari kata ganti benda (Pronoun), kata sifat (adjectives), kata keterangan (adverbs), so ini penting sekali untuk dipahami. Daftar kata benda bisa dilihat pada postingan berikutnya ya: Daftar kata benda (Nouns) yang digunakan sehari-hari.

contoh kalimat dengan kata benda dapat dihitung

Kali ini akan diberikan contoh kalimat dengan kata benda yang dapat dihitung (count nouns), tentu masih ingat dong apa saja ya? Kalimat yang akan disajikan menggunakan beberapa tensesya, baik aktif dan pasif, so jangan tambah bingung. Bisa mempelajari tensesterlebih dahulu juga.

Count nouns (singular/ plural)sentences
One boyI need one boy to fix this soon
two friendsRena is having two friends in her new class now
five teachersThere are five teachers in my class
One girlHe must love only one girl to complete his life
many studentsMy teacher must handle many students in my class
One dogMione wish, she has one dog to accompany her daily life
One catI had one cat in my home
Three miceThree mice are escaping to the holes
Ten jasminesWe must bring ten jasmines to our project school tomorrow
One roseCan you pick me one rose in that garden?
two applesTwo apples are stolen from my new bag
One pearTheo brings one pear for her mom in hospital
One flatThis one flat is my favorite one
three housesThose are three houses which are the most expensive
One bikeEach of you should bring one bike
ten classroomsThere are ten classrooms in my new school
One cellThere is one cell which is dirty and dusty
Five metersShe can run until five meters until the finish line
36 degreesThe temperature in this room is 36 degrees
Five secondsI just need five seconds to love you in my life
five amperesThis electric current is five amperes
Two candelasThe value from lux meter is two candelas
One moleOne mole is the ratio of one gram of Carbon mass to one molecule mass of Carbon
One poundI still need to gain one pound to get my ideal body
two familiesWhen two families are together, it is so crowded in that room.
Three languagesGinny used three languages in her home
One nationWe are one nation, Indonesia
Five groupsWe must be divided into five groups to discuss this metabolism system
Three countriesThey went to three countries within 2 days last week
One clubWe can only choose one club in our extra
One bottleGive me one bottle in the corner!
One cupMy mother is making a cup of milk to me this morning
two tubesWe keep this fluid into two tubes in that cupboard
two platesDan brought only two plates in his bag
three plansThey just have three plans to spend their holiday together
many ideasDo you have many ideas to solve these problems?
One inventionEinstein had one invention of special relativity that leading him to get Nobel in Physics
Five destinationsWe could reach five destinations within a day yesterday
One discoveryThey finished one discovery about how lighting was produced

Catatan: singular = tunggal, pluaral= jamak

Semakin mudah dipahami bukan? Pokoknya untuk kata benda yang dapat dihitung, pada umumnya jika dalam bentuk jamak (plural), maka diberi akhiran –s/ -es setelah kata benda tersebut, walaupun tidak semua mematuhi aturan tersebut, misalkan saja:

One man menjadi two men

One woman menjadi many women

One mouse menjadi three mice,

Serta yang penting sekali untuk diingat, kata benda yang dapat dihitung bisa memiliki dua bentuk yakni tunggal (singular) dan jamak (plural),jadi kata kerja yang menyertai pun mengikutinya. Itulah pembahasan mengenai contoh kalimat dengan kata benda dapat dihitung (count nouns). Untuk materi selanjutnya akan dibahas tentang contoh kalimat dengan kata benda yang tak dapat dihitung, so keep staying tune here!

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