Contoh kalimat dengan menggunakan kata kerja dengan pelengkap bentuk verb-ing

Pengetahuan mengenai gerundtentu sudah diluar kepala readers ya… nah masih ingatkan semua mengenai apa saja kata kerja yang wajib diikuti dengan kata kerja bentuk verb-ing? Hayo yang agak lupa-lupa ingat bisa dicek kembali materinya di sini ya. Oke,,,kali ini author akan memberikan contoh kalimat dalam bentuk verb-ing yah. Tolong jangan sampai terkecoh dengan jenis kalimat present or past continuous tense ya. Karena nanti akan ada pembahasan sendiri.

verbs dengan pelengkap verb-ing

Baiklah, berikut ini daftar kalimat dengan kata kerja yang membutuhkan pelengkap bentuk verb-ing, check it out!

Admitmengakui– Rani will admit paying those for her sacrifice

– She admitted leaving this town was so difficult

– Does he admit paying attention with her was so important?

– I’ll never admit you walking away before.

Appreciatemengapresiasi– We appreciate working with them happily

– They would appreciate increasing their effort

– Rena will appreciate showing her ability more.

Avoidmenghindari– Mione avoidedwalking to the left

– Drake has avoided crossing this river last day

– She avoids decreasing this level dues to her incapability

Finishmenyelesaikan– I like to finishmaking upin hurry

– We will finish relating with them soon

– They are finishing working until 12 o’clock

Keepmenjaga– Jennie keeps cleaning her room everyday

– Lisa was kept talking when I said to her goodbyes

– It was kept raining yesterday

Mentionmenyebutkan– Lena mentions calling her when she has come

– I should mention relaxing is the most important after working hard

– He has mentioned going there is dangerous

Missmenghilangkan– Charlie missed watchinghis favorite movies because of his bussiness yesterday.

– Lena is missing pressing the keys of tone

– He has missed kissing his sister when he attends to her birthday party

Postponemenunda– The jet plane postponed landingdue to bad weather

– I will postpone meeting with my colleages tomorrow

– Don’t you dare postpone rejecting my proposal!

completemelengkapi– I promise I will complete reposting this article at your website tomorrow.

– She had completed filling the ink of her printer when I came last night

– They are completing writing the invitation for their wedding party now.

considermemepertimbangkan– It will be considered allowing the competition. .

– He had been considered joining for the fashion show

– They consider bringing many things is so complicated

Delaymenunda– Would you like to delaygoing to the zoo today?

– He will delay calling his sweetheart the day after tomorrow

– I delay meeting my mum because of mum’s business

Practicemelatih– I should practiceforgetting him often

– She was practicing spelling Charm when I saw her last night

– They will practice painting scenery with their lovely teachers at the school

QuitKeluar– Finally she quits playing games

– They quit participating that rule

– Theo will quit dealing with her girlfriend if she won’t change her attitude

RecallMengingat kembali– Rena recalls reading her presentations

– You need to recall writing on your mind to remember a lot

– I am recalling remembering the flawless of his face

recommendmerekomendasi– I will recommendputting the cupboard on the corner of this room

– Do you mind recommending collecting the report soon?

– You will recommend playing this game

Regretmenyesal– Mia regretted leaving him behind

– You ,will regret it making you fall down to the pieces

– Blaise regrets doing his new job

discussmendiskusikan– Mummy was discussinglettinggo of her dress for her sister in law.

– She has discussed planning picnic in the beach

– He will discuss explaining her master plan

enjoymenikmati– I am enjoying writing this lovely lyrics of my stories

– Do you enjoy standing at your father grave?

– How can I enjoy being happy when she is upset

riskberesiko– She is risking driving her car alone

– I risk myself diving at the shore

– She risked making her report in hurry

stopberhenti– Lisa has stopped drinking alcohol since the day

– Jennie is stopping consuming cake due to the calories from it

– Would you like to stop talking because I got headache?

suggestmenyerankan– Rose suggested walkingin the beach in the morning is healthy

– My teacher suggests me writing new contents needs much idea

– Luna has suggested buying fruits in traditional market is so amazing

toleratementoleransi– My school tolerates being late within 5 minutes after the bell ring

– This medicine is tolerated drinking just three times a day

– It was tolerated waiting her just in one minutes

understandmengerti– Tom understands leavingEmma is the hardest day of his life

– Emma has understood breaking the rule on past curfew is interesting

– Dhea was understanding translating her dictionary in hurry

Verb phrases (present)Verb phrases (past/ participle)Meanings
Approve ofApproved ofDo you approve of signing the report to him?
Be better ofWas/ were better ofI am better of leaving him behind
Can’t helpCouldn’t helpLena can’t help laughing when she listens how funny her honey is.
Count onCounted onBonnie counts on taking powder in her cake
Think ofThought ofThey have thought of planning to go the beach in this summer
Do not mindDidn’t mindI didn’t mind spending my holyday with you
Forget aboutForgot aboutAre you forgetting about writing letter to her now?
Get throughGot throughShe got through crossing this path of life
Insist onInsisted onHe insists on collecting chemistry report today
Keep onKept onJust keep holding on my hand tightly!
Look forward toLooked forward toThat plane looks forward to landing safely
Object toObjected toDo not you dare toobject to arriving many audiences
Think aboutThought aboutI often think about going somewhere only I know

Itulah contoh kata kerja verbs dengan pelengkap bentuk verb-ing, Mudah bukan? Jadi misal dalam soal muncul jenis kalimat seperti di atas, maka kita akan langsung tahu jawabannya tanpa harus tahu artinya, enak bukan? Tapi ada syaratnya, kita harus hapal dulu jenis-jensi kata kerja tersebut beserta artinya. Bagaimana caranya? Ya harus dibaca berulang-ulang atau sering membaca bacaan berbahasa inggris, nanti akan hafal dengan sendirinya.  Sekian dulu materi hari ini. materi selanjutnya adalah jenis kata kerja yang berikutnya, yakni kata kerja causative. Seperti apa? Tunggu materi berikutnya! Keep reading everyone!

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