40 Kalimat Present Perfect Tense Verbal dan Nominal

Masih semangat belajar Bahasa Inggrisnya ya, terutama tentang Tenses.Coba ingat-ingat kembali, sebelumnya kalian sudah belajar kalimat simple present tense verbal dan nominal, Present Continuous Tense verbal dan nominal.Bagaimana ya bentuk kalimat Present Perfect Tense verbal dan nominal?

present perfect tense

Adakah yang masih ingat apa itu kalimat verbal dan nominal? Yak, pada pintar-pintar ya ternyata, kalimat verbal adalah kalimat yang predikatnya menggunakan kata kerja utama (main verb)dengan berbagai perubahan tergantung tensesyang digunakan, bisa dalam bentuk aktiv atau pasif (Passive voice). Sedangkan kalimat nominal adalah kalimat dengan predikatnya kata kerja bantu (auxiliary verb).Dalam kalimat Present Perfect Tenses verbaljelas yang sudah author kasih beberapa contohnya dalam postingan penjelasan kalimat Present Perfect Tenses.Nah untuk bentuk kalimat nominal kata kerja bantu yang digunakan adalah ’have/ has been’kemudian bisa diikuti dengan kata benda (Noun), kata sifat (Adjective) dan kata keterangan (Adjective). Awas jangan bingung dengan Kalimat Present Perfect Tensesbentuk pasif ya. (Present Perfect Tense Passive Voice).

Pola Kalimat Present Perfect Tense Verbal:

Subjecthave/ hasparticiple (V-3)  
Lisahasdecidedthemas dancer
TheyhavewornUnique costumes

Kalimat Kalimat Present Perfect Tense Nominal:

Subjecthave/ hasParticiple: been 
Lisahasbeenthere already
Theyhavebeenpolite with me

Dibawah ini contoh 40 kalimat Present Perfect Tense Verbal dan Nominal

1The sun has arisen high aboveI’ve been there since an hour ago
2The show has begun for five minutesWe have been alone since you’ve been gone
3I haven’t brokenhis heart yetHe has been adorable
4Maira has chosen Theo as her date tonightA sad song has been beautiful recently
5 My boss has comeearly this morning Maria has been sad since you leave her alone
6They has done with meI has been ashamed with them
7We have drunk much wine in her partyThey have been angry
8I’ve not eaten your cake recentlyAnything has not been clear since the day
9My assessor has cut my proposal this morningMy proposal has been difficult since my assessor corrects it
10I have feltso dirty in front of youThis dirty room just has been freshsince I clear it often
11I’ve fallenin love with his attitudeThis cake has been sweet after adding a spoon of sugar
12This wonderland has frozen for so long timeIthas been easyto be solved
13He has forbiddenhis cousin to be thereMy cat has been so funny after all
14That bird has flown away above the skyShe has been taller than me
15Have they ever given me some pieces of paper?We have been wonder with them
16This is what I’ve gotfrom youSomewhere Theo has been homeless
17She has gone to London since the dayThis wound has been so awful this morning
18My students have had their spare time this semesterPhysics has been number one in my heart
19Rena and I have hidden in their secret roomHe has been my soul mates
20Mione has held Drake’s hand many timesDrake has been more handsome already
21Theo has kept his room cleaning every momentsHis mates has been his soul
22This hard ball has been kickto the middle of fieldIt has been ashamed since the day
23I’ve known you for a long timeThis artefak has been ancient
24She has left him behind since the dayThis painting has been awesome for me
25My kitty has lain at my new carpetYou’ve been beautiful already
26I’ve lost him for 2 yearsMy beloved baby has been big today
27Maira has put her amazing stories at her lyricsThis river has been shallow for 2 years
28 My boss has ordered me collect my report soon It has been hideous every time I see
29They has set me free alreadyTheo has been gentle with me since we often meet
30Where have you stood for so long?They has been friendly with us
31I’ve not heard anything from himMy heart has been fragile since you leave me
32My assessor has accepted my proposal this morningYour hands have been dirty now
33We just have cleaned this dirty class roomShe has been free from him
34Has she closed that door?Her life has been glamorous since her husband die
35You’ve believed me for everythingThe show has been great
36He has compared me with the other girls, and I hate itWe have been happy anymore
37You’ve cried him much this weekThis coffee has been cold if you don’t drink it
38Have they ever jumped to that deep river?Lisa has been ill since 2 days ago
39It has run away to somewhereThey have been impolite with their ex-teacher
40She has loved him for five yearsShe has been sad because of him

Demikian penjelasan mengenai Kalimat Present Perfect Tense verbal dan nominal. Yang perlu diperhatikan adalah perbedaan antara kalimat verbal dan nominal dalam kalimat Present Perfect Tense yakni untuk kalimat verbal setelah kata ‘have/ has’diikuti bentuk Participle, sedangkan kalimat nominal setelah ’have/ has’diikuti dengan Noun/ Adjective/ Adverbs.JAdi jangan smapai rancau dengan bentuk pasif nya ya. Semoga bisa dipahami dengan baik.

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