Contoh kalimat dengan menggunakan kata kerja bentuk infinitive

Setelah pengetahuan mengenai beberapa jenis kata kerja dalam bahasa inggris yang salah satunya kata kerja dengan bentuk infinitive, dan postingan sebelumnya author juga telah memberikan beberapa contoh penggunaannnya dalam kalimat. Nah sekarang author akan memberikan beberapa contoh kalimat dengan menggunakan kata kerja bentuk infinitive. Baik, yuk langsung saja disimak. (author dalam menulis kalimat menggunakan beberapa jenis tenses ya, jadi kalau yang masih bingung apa itu tenses dan penggunaannya, bisa langsung disimak di sini).

  1. To watch you study is my hobby now.
  2. Do you agree to see Titanic movie right now?
  3. Why did the singer just appear to make his fans hysterical?
  4. You know you can ask me to determine Eigen value of this Schrodinger formula if you find its difficulty.
  5. She had claimed to come early.
  6. They are arranging to make surprise party just for their happiness.
  7. When will you decide to make commitment about our relationship?
  8. I want you to know that I’ll always wait you forever.
  9. They don’t deserve to accept those behaviors.
  10. What does he expect her to resign now?
  11. He had decided to leave her soon for their best future.
  12. Did we demand them to receive our decision?
  13. Do not fail to look after her please!
  14. What do expect to me to say?
  15. If you want me to leavenow, then I’ll leave.
  16. We don’t need to make it clear.
  17. Have you forgotten to bring us many fishes?
  18. Actually he hesitates to move on from his problems.
  19. Let’s hope to make this cake successfully.
  20. We’ve learnt many things to make them happy.
  21. Learning to manage time is very important.
  22. I intend this to fulfill your problems.
  23. It seems so much lately to recognize you once more.
  24. I don’t mean to hurt you I swear.
  25. I have waited to recover this song so long.
  26. She wants him to come back to her soon.
  27. Don’t you dare hesitate to call me if you face many difficulties.
  28. They threaten her to give back her money if she doesn’t allow their rules.
  29. He refused me to accompany all night.
  30. We don’t want to talk about it anymore.
  31. I don’t want to fall to pieces, I just want to sit and to stare at you.
  32. They’d hoped to make it clear.
  33. You have to promise to make me yours someday.
  34. She will prepare to start presentation next Monday.
  35. I offer you to finish this task or you will be late.
  36. Maira and I are planning to play ice skating now.
  37. Mione and Drake learn to forget each other.
  38. You seem to look so pale.
  39. She has been learning to make many carvings.
  40. My husband will plan to go to Bali with us tomorrow.
  41. Auntie wanted me to join her business.
  42. His voice seems to make her shiver.
  43. She had decided to choose his friend over him.
  44. Maliq has arranged to lie at its places.
  45. Zayn couldn’t claim that works as his masterpiece.
  46. Shofia will decide to go to Harvard University.
  47. Mia waited him to call her back.
  48. My uncle wants us to learn from farmers.
  49. Do not forget to bring your notebook in the seminar next Sunday.
  50. Last week she had promised to herself to forget everything about you.

Cukup contoh lima puluh kalimat dulu ya readers. Masih buanyak sekali contoh-contoh yang bisa kalian kembangkan mengenai kata kerja yang membutuhkan pelengkap bentuk infinitive ini. Kata kerja ini harusdiikuti dengan pelengkap kata kerja bentuk infinitive ya. Jadi mau tidak mau kalian ya harus hafal. Bagaimana caranya? Terus berlatih, karena nanti dengan sendirinya kalian akan hafal dengan sendirinya. Setelah sesi penjelasan mengenai kata kerja, nanti diakhir materi akan author kasih latihan soal untuk mereview kembali apa yang sudah kalian pelajari, kalau bisa jangan lihat kuncinya dulu ya. Materi selanjutnya masih mengenai contoh kalimat yang membutuhkan pelengkap bentuk verb-ing. Selamat belajar, semangat! pantengin terus web tercinta ini.

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