kata kerja utama (main verb) dengan infinitive

Kata kerja utama (main verbs) dengan infinitive –kata kerja merupakan suatu kata yang digunakan untuk menyatakan aksi, tindakan dan biasanya menjadi predikat kalimat. Berdasarkan ada tidaknya kata kerja, kalimat juga terbagi menjadi kalimat nominal dan verbal. Dalam bahasa inggris sendiri, kata kerja (verbs) sangatlah penting untuk dimengerti dan dipahami. Kata kerja utama (main verbs) biasanya dalam bentuk ‘sekarang’/ present. Ada yang tidak membutuhkan pelengkap (komplemen) ada juga yang membutuhkan pelengkap setelah kata kerja utama tersebut. Pelengkapnya bisa berupa kata kerja lagi, kata sifat atau kata keterangan. Nah uraian di bawah ini akan dijelaskan mengenai pelengkap kata kerja utama yang berupa:


Verb yang membutuhkan infinitive sebagai pelengkap


Bentuk kalimatnya:

SVC (infinitive)M
Ihopeto jointo London

Contoh dalam kalimat:

  1. I agree to invite your ex-boyfriend to my party.
  2. You must not appear to dothis jon.
  3. They ask to write my name on their board.
  4. She will claim to think her idea.
  5. he doesn’t consent to take his decision.
  6. We have arranged to meet with you soon.
  7. she decides to run with him then.
  8. I demand to keep your opinion about him.
  9. Lalisa deserved to love him more and more again.
  10. Jennie failed to reach her dream yesterday.
  11. Rose had forgotten to bring her lipstick.
  12. You and I are hesitating to step in the higher level.
  13. We hope you to follow us.
  14. You can intend to choose whatever you love.
  15. She learns to cook with her mom.
  16. My manager managed to do the task based on our ability.
  17. Jisoo didn’t mean to reject him.
  18. Mione needs to call Drake soon.
  19. My father is offering to pick where our holiday will be going.
  20. Lisa has planned to ask me to accompany her graduation.
  21. Dara can’t prepare to collect her debt soon.
  22. You’ll be pretended to hide far away.
  23. I promise to keep this vow with you.
  24. She refuses to cancel the meeting.
  25. You seem to love my paintings.
  26. Luna is tending to waither mates or she will confuse.
  27. I’ll wait to see you again.
  28. I wanted you to stop hurting yourself.

Masih banyak lagi contoh kalimat yang bisa dibuat dengan kata-kata kerja utama yang membutuhkan infinitive dalam tabel ya readers. Mudah sekali untuk diingat lo,,, happy in doing!


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