Soal-soal present perfect tense dan jawabannya

Soal-soal present perfect tense dan jawabannya –Dear readers semua, setelah kemarin membahas tentang belajar present perfect tense yang mudah dan jelas sejelas author menjelaskan ke kalian, maka sekarang biasa di akhir pembahasan untuk latihan-latihan dan latihan. Untuk apa? Perlu diingat ya readers, practice makes perfect, key? Langsung saja yuk soal-soal present perfect tense di bawah ini beserta jawabnnya!


  1. Change the words inside the bracket to be corrected form!
  2. I have never (meet) her before.
  3. There have (be) a great number of accidents lately.
  4. Hermione has not (go) yet to beach.
  5. We have not (walk) to school for two days.
  6. She has (see) Harry since Monday.
  7. Have you ever (fly) to Bekasi?
  8. They have (hear) those songs recently.
  9. I have (forgive) him for my rudeness.
  10. My hens have (lay) ten eggs since Sunday.
  11. She has (wear) that dress a lot recently.
  12. Ron has (drive) a car for many years.
  13. My husband has (study) computers in evening classes.
  14. Drake has (accompany) his secretary to Tegal.
  15. I haven’t (meet) Yuna lately.
  16. The man has (pay) the workman every Saturday for five months.
  17. Has the train just (leave) the station?
  18. Change these sentences below into present perfect tense form, you can change the adverbs of time if it is needed!
  19. I am stirring the soup now.
  20. You will not close the window.
  21. They opened the parcel.
  22. He does not learn Physics.
  23. I visited her friend.
  24. She thought about her final examination.
  25. My boyfriend is choosing a new belt.
  26. She brings a clean handkerchief.
  27. They shut the door of the cupboard.
  28. The postman brought a letter yesterday.


  1. a. met
  2. been
  3. went
  4. walked
  5. seen
  6. flown
  7. heard
  8. forgiven
  9. laid
  10. worn
  11. driven
  12. studied
  13. accompanied
  14. met
  15. paid
  16. left

Tips: kalian harus paham dan hafal bentuk kata kerja yang beraturan dan kata kerja tak beraturan (regular dan irregular verbs) yahh,,, yang bentuk participle atau V-3!

  1. a. I have stirred the soup.
  2. You have closed the window.
  3. They have opened the parcel.
  4. He has not learned Physics.
  5. I have visited her friend.
  6. She has thought about her final examination.
  7. My boyfriend has choose a new belt.
  8. She has brought a clean handkerchief.
  9. They have shut the door of the cupboard.
  10. The postman has brought a letter since five minutes ago.

Yey… selesai juga kan pembahasan dan pemahaman soal-soal present perfect tense dan jawabannyadi atas, terus ikuti karena setelah ini akan ada pembahasan untuk soal-soal tenses lain! Keep waiting readers!


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