Kumpulan percakapan bahasa inggris bagian 2

Kumpulan percakapan bahasa inggris bagian 2 –Masih lanjut ya readers, mengenai percakapan yang sebelumnya sudah dibahas bagian 1, sekarang ini merupakan lanjutan lagi. Di bawah ini akan tersaji beberapa percakapan dengan berbagai ekspresi yang pernah kita singgung and dipelajari sebelumnya dan respon atau tanggapan yang pas. Selamat melihat-lihat! Happy weekend!

  1. + I must take a rest now Hun, what about you?

– Yea, I have to take a rest too.

  1. + what will you do if you are ill tomorrow?

– I won’t go to work.

  1. + Do you really have to change some money now?

– Yess, of course

  1. + Where were you on Sunday?

– I was at my grandma’s house.

  1. + What are you going to do?

– I am going to repair my broken vas.

  1. + What is your nationality?

– I’m Indonesian.

  1. + Try to solve your problem by yourself!

– I will.

  1. + He is very funny, isn’t he?

– You’re right.

  1. + Go back to your place, please! You can leave.

– All right.

  1. + Let’s discuss the question privately.

– All right.

  1. + Can you remake this skirt?

– Yes, I think I can.

  1. + Did Mr. and Mrs. Smith examine their new café?

– Yes, they did yesterday.

  1. + Will you consider my reports?

– Well, I will.

  1. + Is your friend look for gloves?

– Yes, Sir.

  1. + Why is he delaying his decision for so long?

– Actually I don’t know too.

  1. + What did they do before?

– They ran as far as ten kilometers, so they are tired now.

  1. + Let’s sit down and relax.

– Come on.

  1. + Hello, May I speak to Mione? This is Drake.

– Yes, hold on. Just a minute

  1. + What would you like?

– I would like to have a cone of ice cream.

  1. + How much is it?

– It is two dollars please.

  1. + Which bookstore?

– In Gramedia

  1. + Is it still far from here? I feel boring.

– No, it is quite near, be patient please!

  1. + Do you often go abroad?

– No, I do not.

  1. + Is her name Luna?

– No, she is Jinny.

  1. + Whose is this shoes?

– It is mine.

Bagaimana sudah cukup lengkap bukan kumpulan percakapan bahasa inggris bagian 2di atas? Semoga bisa menambah kosakata kalian ya guys!


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