Kata kata cinta dalam bahasa inggris part 2

Kata kata cinta dalam bahasa inggris –Aha,,, author lagi berbunga-bunga hari ini. Mari selalu tersenyum semuanya, karena sejatinya bahagia akan membuat kita terlihat awet muda. Nah di bawah ini akan disajikan kata kata cinta dalam bahasa inggris ya redaers, author persembahkan untuk readers blog setia ini. Thank you so much #muachhh.

  1. 1. There are thousand things that make me think to leave you, but there is one word that makes me stay here, ‘ I love you’.
  2. I had ever dropped tear in Sunda strait. The day I could find it anymore, that was the time to stop loving you.
  3. Coming and leaving just like the wind which random and no direction, feels love in the life, sometimes I feel happy and sad.
  4. Love is the way about you, the way I look at you and the way I smile to you when I look at you.
  5. When the distance does us apart, one thing that you must know. There is always this love to you everyday.
  6. Carry on my shoulder until you can feel a comfort, because it has been my duty to give you all comforts.
  7. Tear is the only way how the eye talks when this lip can’t explain what have made you get hurt.
  8. Living can’t be better without love, but love with wrong way will make your life geeting worse.
  9. Loving you only needs any second, but forgetting you needs all the time in my life.
  10. Love is faith in your heart, be anchored to other in past, now and the future.
  11. Love is included happiness and together, sadness in apart, hopes for tomorrow.
  12. When you love someone, love them just the way they are. Do not they will be perfect in all the way, because the perfectness is loving without any reserving.
  13. Love is not about how long you have known someone, but it is about someone which has made you smile since you knew him/ her.
  14. You presence in my life, I realize I can face all the challenges in front of me, thanks for being my strength.
  15. Call your name out in hard raining, look at you from far distance, and pray for you in the silent night. This silent love is that I can keep.
  16. A woman always keeps the heart of someone she loves until she doesn’t realize her heart is suffer. This is the sacrifice to guy whom is not sensitive.
  17. When you are not able to take the decision to keep with that feeling, be patient, love will make you stronger.
  18. I’ll never promise you a feeling, but I can promise to you in a faith.
  19. Love isn’t blind, love is pure feeling and hoped. Love is blind if it has your control without any consoderation.
  20. For me, in this life, we live once, love is in once and so is die. So there is no affair.
  21. God, please keep him there, save him in every second, love him just like You love me.
  22. The biggest scare is not loosing you, but looking at you loose your happines.
  23. I really like together because together will teach us about love and sad together.
  24. The vibration in my heart is thirsty with your touch, your whisper like ‘I love you’, I miss you.
  25. Be loved is the most beautiful boon from god to me.
  26. Before I met you, I had known you in my praying.
  27. Your presence brings love, gives a happiness, and also gives feeling to kiss you everyday.
  28. Just like the rain which is fallen in dry land, it is the meaning of your presence in my life.
  29. Loveis not only what you can feel, but what must you do.
  30. Love is a strength to see togetherness and breaking a part.
  31. Love is emotional experiences, which is be able to be felt many people but just some of them who can enjoy love.

Nah lengkap sudah beberapa kumpulan kata kata cinta dalam bahasa inggris,semoga bisa menginspirasi readers semua ya yang lagi galau, jangan pernah putus asa, masih ada hari esok. See you again guys!


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