Contoh soal pilihan ganda future perfect tense

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Contoh soal pilihan ganda future perfect tense – Morning readers semua, masih ingatkah kalian materi mengenai future perfect tense? Lupa ya? Padahal author yang baik hati ini akan mengajak kalian untuk melatih dan mengeksplor kemampuan kalian mengenai materi satu ini. Baiklah sebelum langsung ke soal-soal, ada baiknya review atau flashback mengenai materi ini. Check it out!

Future perfect tense umumnya digunakan dalam mengungkapkan suatu tebakan atau prediksi. Jadi kejadiannya belum terjadi dan ini merupakan suatu prediksi. Adpaun pola kalimatnya adalah:

S will have Participle (V-3)   Adverb (future)
I will have reached here by the time at eleven o’clock

catatan: jangan hanya menggunakan ‘will’ saja tapi dengan ‘will have’.


Fill the right answers in the black space below!

  1. Raisa _____ after her sister get married this year.
  2. have graduated
  3. will graduate
  4. will have graduated
  5. graduated
  6. Retna and I will ____ to the market when he comes then.
  7. has been gone
  8. have gone
  9. go
  10. went
  11. By the time you leave, I’ll ______ writing this textbook.
  12. finish
  13. have finished
  14. finished
  15. finishing
  16. Will have they _____ their costumes when the show starts at seven o’clock?
  17. change
  18. changes
  19. changed
  20. changing
  21. Before she reaches to her apartment, I’ll __________ my things and ready to go somewhere.
  22. have packed
  23. pack
  24. be packing
  25. packed
  26. By the middle of twenty-first of century, handphones or smartphones _______ a necessity.
  27. becomes
  28. will become
  29. will have become
  30. becoming
  31. This people _______ to room 10 before the lesson starts.
  32. will change
  33. changing
  34. will have changed
  35. changes
  36. The ceremony ________ at 7 in the morning before the lesson starts.
  37. have started
  38. will have started
  39. be started
  40. starts
  41. He _______ there before your class is over waiting for you.
  42. has been
  43. will have been
  44. will be
  45. will be being
  46. You and I _________ here by the time my mother agree with us.
  47. will stay
  48. will have stayed
  49. will be staying
  50. syated

Nah adakah yang sudah ingat kembali, bagi yang sudah ingat silahkan kerjakan contoh soal pilihan ganda future perfect tense di atas. Selamat mencoba!

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